Neo Flora Gardens & Nursery     Landscape Design and Extraordinary Plants 

Organic Herbs, Fruit Trees & Vegetables 

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Open  Everyday 8:30-6
Free Parking on Willoughby Ave in front of Nursery
 The most beautiful plants the world has to offer.

Come and wander amongst rare, exotic plants from the far- flung corners of the globe.

“Perfect, unique, green gifts for people who think they have everything”

Madagascar Baobabs   Vanuatu Veitchias   Bolivian Ceibas   Fiji Sugarcane   Grenada Acacia   
Indian Pandanus    Thai Pink Cassia    Golden African Tulip Tree    Jamaican Fan Palm
                                                                                                                                                                                       Begin a journey that has no end, expanding your knowledge and understanding of Nature and Botany
  Enter the  Worlds of Art, History and Biogeography   
As they mysteriously meld to profoundly influence the Human psyche


 “ This is a pivotal time for our planet to reverse accelerating species extinction and return to a proper reverence for the miracle of Life. The world of Nature, so disturbed by human activities, needs HELP and it's up to people like ourselves to do the right things so that bees and butterflies, trees and flowers and indeed all the web of Life can heal and not simply vanish. There is a greater good that needs tending to by a new wave of aware, vital supporters ”                                                                                                                                                                Leon Massoth - Horticulturalist, Explorer, Landscape Designer and Founder of  XOTX-TROPICO   
Adansonia   Alocasia   Aloe   Alpinia   Anthocleista    Bauhinia   Blighia   Brownea   Caryota   Ceiba   Chiranthodendron   Citharexylum  Combretum   Crinum   Cryptostegia   Cussonia   Delonix   Dypsis   Erythrina   Ficus   Fernandoa   Gardenia   Gaussia   Gigasiphon   Hedychium   Heliconia   Hibiscus   Inga    Iochroma   Jacaranda   Jasminum   Kigelia    Kirkia   Kopsia   Lannea    Livistona   Loxostylis   Manilkara   Medinilla   Melodinus   Moringa   Mucuna   Newbouldia   Noronhia   Ochrosia   Oroxylon   Pandanus   Peddiaea   Petraea   Piscidia   Plumeria   Portlandia   Quisqualis   Rhopalostylis   Rothmannia   Sida   Spathodea   Strongylodon   Strophanthus   Tabebuia   Tabernaemontana   Tibouchina   Tricalysia   Uncarina   Veitchia   Vitex   Wallichia  Watsonia   Widdringtonia   Xanthosoma   Yucca   Zephyranthes   Zizyphus    Zombia   AND MUCH MORE !